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starts in less than one hour ripe.net/support/training/ripe Today, RIPE Atlas probes!

One last coffee and I stand ready.

Soon to start, . Expect some live-tooting about RIPE Atlas probes, Internet measurements and etc, if the proprietary bloatware Adobe Connect works.

S. Bortzmeyer ✅ @bortzmeyer

Reminder: RIPE Atlas probes are a distributed network of probes that *you* can use to test Internet connectivity from many (10 000) vantage points atlas.ripe.net/

A must for any serious Internet professional.

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These probes can do several sort of measurements, requested by users (you and me) : ICMP echo (ping), traceroute (UDP and ICMP), DNS, etc. Here, the current measurements: atlas.ripe.net/measurements/

RIPE Atlas is therefore a nice botnet.

RIPE Atlas measurements can be submitted through several means: Web interface, and a nice API (several tools exist to use it).

Kaveh Ranjbar now reminds us that RIPE Atlas probes have some limitations, to protect the network (no IP address spoofing, no arbitrary packets) and the people who host them (no arbitrary HTTP requests, because it is often monitored by the State or the Corporation).

There are also special RIPE Atlas probes, the Anchors: larger machines, which can do the same things as the probes *plus* be the target of measurements (great for pinging the Internet).

one was among the first anchors installed.

@bortzmeyer et si tu héberge une sonde Atlas, le ripe fait la supervision de ta connexion 😉
Avec même un rapport mensuel.