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v4 RIPE Atlas probes may be NanoPi NEO Plus2.

Probes as a virtual machine are still under evaluation.

Now, Robert Kisteleki is closing the event.

10 200 RIPE Atlas probes, 3 600 AS covered in IPv4, 1 350 in IPv6. 450 megabytes of measurements collected pe day.

There are still 600 v1 probes connected. uClinux

v3 uses OpenWRT and Busybox. But it had a lot of USB keys issues.

Simulation: the best solution is (obviously) a resolver on the exit node.

RIPE Atlas probes were used to infer AS paths, through traceroutes. There are probes in half of the AS where there is a node. Same thing for just the exit nodes.

Executive summary: Tor exit nodes leak info through their requests. 1/3 of them use Google Public DNS!

Now, session on security at . Laura Roberts speaking on and its use of the . (Note there was two women speaking during this day. Not too bad.)

Limitations of HTTP measurements: only towards RIPE Anchors, partly for ethical reasons (forbidden Web sites) partly to avoid LOIC-type dDoS.

The trick: "TCP ping" with the traceroute measurements towards port 80, packet size zero.

Vesna Manojlovic now speaking for webmasters: "measuring reachability of your Web server" with RIPE Atlas

Atlas was more focused on layer 3. But users requested L7 measurements.

Ping @Natouille, @aeris and the others at

Shorter AS count with IPv6. Not much difference in RTT with IPv4.

"I used the API because I didn't want to click 500 times on a GUI"

Christian Kaufmann (also president of the board) talking (prerecorded video, no interaction) at .

Measuring the difference between performances with and .

Now, measuring service quality with RIPE Atlas at . With Christian Kaufmann and Vesna Manojlovic.


TODO: play with the RIPE Atlas streaming interface one day. Seems very cool.

Don't hesistate to click everywhere on the TraceMON picture : lots of features!

Massimo Candela about the other RIPE Atlas API (the streaming one) and how to use it.

Did you know? The RIPE-NCC official tools to work with RIPE Atlas are named, Cousteau, Sagan and Magellan.