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"Everything that you post is JSON. Everything that you get is JSON."

"Works in any language"

@Gargron I am wrapping my head around JSON-LD not sure I understand it at all. #json


% curl -q | bunzip2 -c | jq -r '.objects | ((map(select(.status_name == "Connected")) | "Connected: " + (length | tostring)),
("All: " + (length | tostring)))' latest
Connected: 10202
All: 23520

Pour un article, je cherche des exemples de données distribuées (publiquement, pas de paywall) en  . Envoyez-moi des exemples cool, de préférence avec :

- du JSON un peu compliqué, utilisant toutes les possibilités du format
- des fichiers de taille non triviale (> 10 Mo disons)

Among the funny things discovered, 1 ≠ 1.0 in but 1 == 1.0 in making the use of difficult for both.

Now, ( in binary) meeting at . First, the revision of the current standard (RFC 7049)

@jpmens Cute. Don't you fear that the hack that automagically turns strings starting with “{” into #JSON objects backlashes latter when you will have to do some escaping to finally accept every string? Same woe with the special meaning of “[” in key names.

Why the otherwise excellent parser *requires* a else in if-then tests?

@xakan grep t'aime et veux ton bien.

Si j'étais plus jeune, je ferais ce fichier en et j'utiliserais l'excellent pour chercher.

Hey mastodontes :-) !

Does someone have all english verbs, conjugated in all tenses ?

It's okay if you have only the most used !

If it's in #JSON that very cool, but it's not required ;-)