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Just got my GitHub sponsorship request approved! Just need to setup a few things tomorrow but it's already so nice 🤠

The four stages of Mastodon user:
* what’s a Mastodon
* I feel lost and alone how does this work
* oh wow this is actually pretty cool
* I have compiled a linux kernel

Here is a list of rustaceans on the fediverse, initially sourced from the reddit thread above

If anyone wants to be added or removed from the list, let me know.

You can import the list by first saving it as a csv (file -> download -> csv) and then importing it to mastodon (Preferences -> Import and export -> Import -> select file and Upload)

The first time anyone in the initial list of people I collected from reddit asks to opt-out, I'll be deleting the post this is a reply to (which I really should have made private from the beginning, my mistake) as well as their entry in the list. So don't save a link to this by saving a link to the post asking for opt outs.

J'ai une question pour ceux qui connaissent bien mastodon, j'observe une différence d'affichage entre l'url qui contient "/web" et celle qui n'en contient pas. Normal, je suppose mais pourquoi est-ce fait comme ça ?

Premier pouet. J'utiliserai mon compte pour parler de programmation et de mes projets.

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