My big problem with Mastodon is how threads are displayed, like we see all messages in the timeline or in response, they are not displayed at all like a thread... If you know how to improve this, I take! :)

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@theorozier Is that a mastodon issue or a client issue? I'm still getting my bearings so not sure. I'm using Tusky on Android but am still trying to find the best client.

@davrod @theorozier It is indeed a client issue since activities within the ActivityPub protocol (the one used by Pleroma, Mastodon and the others) have everything needed to reconstruct threads. For instance, using the URL of a toot allows you to see the thread:

For example in my screenshot, your answer to @davrod is displayed just below like other answers to my question. I need to click on davrod answers or yours to understand that they are part of a thread of messages (I'm using web interface). I find this a little unclear when there are lot of interaction in responses...

@theorozier @davrod Yes, this is a weakness of Mastodon Web interface. (I have to test with other clients such as Pleroma Web interface.)

@theorozier @bortzmeyer @davrod Yeah, I often notice mastodon users getting confused to what I'm replying to, while so far that has been rarely the case for others.

It's where BloatFE (should be mastodon-compatible) and PleromaFE are much better with always allowing to see what is the parent post. That said, PleromaFE probably can't be used without some modifications for mastodon, while it does use the Mastodon API, it's designed for Pleroma and historically also Gnu Social, you can see it on my instance.
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