Dear ActivityPub + Github + Matrix users : do you have any ideas on how we could bridge these three tools ? Bouncing the following tools in the context of FedeProxy (forge activitypub interoperability)

github + matrix bridge + kazarma + activitypub client (mastodon for example) = what usage ? following issues ?

Boosts appreciated.

#ActivityPub #forges #developerexperience

@arthurlutz Microsoft will never accept so, for Github, it's over. Why not working with Gitlab and Gitea to add federation, instead?

@bortzmeyer @arthurlutz It’s very important to distinguish the service from #Gitlab software when simply suggesting “Gitlab”. The repo is more evil than #Github (see And I suspect from context you were indeed recommending the instance not self-hosting. /cc @dragnucs


@koherecoWatchdog @arthurlutz @dragnucs No. When I say Gitlab, it is Gitlab. When I mention the instance, I say

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