If you've been exposed to Moxie Marlinkspike frequent rants about how people are dumb and lazy and we should have centralized systems for their happiness, André Staltz wrote a very good counterpoint (from @makeworld )

@bortzmeyer @makeworld Today I read Moxie's post about web3, and it was demotivating; but I know what the solution for that is: teaching people why self-hosting is important, as well as how to do it, and making it easier for them to do it.

Things like YunoHost have the potential to help newbies easily host their own stuff. People don't even have to own their servers, as long as there are enough VPS providers around the world to make self-hosting decentralized enough.

Disclaimer: I haven't read André's post, so if this happens to coincide with his post, it's not on purpose.

@bortzmeyer @makeworld So, I read André's post, and it was good. I like how he explains that even when people who self-host are few, they are the ones that basically make decentralized communities thrive. Although I believe more people should self-host, and I already explained how to achieve it.

The part about dependability is also very important. We have decades old protocols as the backbones of the internet infrastructure, and they won't ever change because the internet relies on them not changing. However, the dependability part also applies to user applications. Change is not always necessary or desired: people have limited time and energy to re-learn how to use stuff all the time.

My favorite part was the one about Moxie contradicting himself. Moxie complains about OpenSea being able to remove NFTs from people because of its centralized nature (abuse of power, censorship), and then advocating for centralized systems because of the stupid "move fast and break things".

@bortzmeyer @makeworld Cannot agree more, André crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's.

@bortzmeyer juste pour informer tout le monde que André est sur mastodon @staltz. C'est une de mes lectures préférées : ce qu'il écrit sur la décentralisation des réseaux sociaux et sur @manyver_se est pertinent (mais hélas, c'est souvent sur twitter).

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