@makeworld Some good points about the world of NFTs but, as always with Moxie Marlinspike, it is just a long rant about how centralized systems are better and how WhatsApp (by far the biggest client of his company) is always right.

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@makeworld The point about "distributed" systems becoming quite centralized because, in practice, most people will access them through a trusted 3rd party (Alchemy for Ethereum) is a good one (IPFS is a very good example of a failure, here) but it is not true for the fediverse, which remains quite decentralized (there was a big risk of everyone going to at the beginning but it did not happen).

@bortzmeyer Yeah it's not perfect. I think Andrew Staltz addresses some of what you're saying in his response:

@makeworld Indeed, very good text, I entirely agree with André Staltz.

(Disclaimer : I host my email server, and my blog, but not my XMPP server or my fediverse instance.)

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