So you want to attend #fosdem this week-end? Be nice with the #matrix team :
1)If you don't have an account and need to create one do it now or tomorrow so scaling is made easy for the #ops team.
2) If you already have an account join the rooms asap so #scaling is easier.

@usul I tried to find the rooms but wasn't able to find them on the schedule. I'm also not able to join or
Am I missing something? aren't they federated?

@jeroen they are federated, I use my Mozilla account to access it. The server is at, when you search a room add the server first.

@usul Tried that on element mobile but doesn’t work. On element web, I could add the server and then list the rooms. Thanks for your help. I still think there should be a matrix link in every room but haven’t found it on the fosdem site…

@jeroen me neither , but's that's feedback you can give on #fosdem-matrix discussion on the fosdem server.

@usul @jeroen Me neither but you can guess the name from the schedule. For instance:
Name of the room displayed: D.python

@bortzmeyer the fedora stand is at because there will be stands too, not just rooms.

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