My stupid Internet protocol idea of the day: modify the upper layers of (RFCs 4252 and 4254) to run over and no longer over TCP+RFC4253.

@framasky Je savais que tu aimerais. Je vais mettre ton nom sur le futur RFC, dans la liste des soutiens.

@amdg2 That would be less elegant: SSH is used for services which are really not HTTP-like. (And it would be slower, also.)

@bortzmeyer but it would be modern, flashy new and you could run it in the browser 😜

@amdg2 To be really modern would require to switch to JSON as the base format.

@bortzmeyer someone said this about BGP sessions as well and...I don't quite understand the advantage or impetus?

@aag (I was half-serious only.) Reduced latency? Ability to reuse recent QUIC crypto libraries? (This would be a mixed blessing: one security bug and everything falls.)

@aag By the way, I searched about BGP over QUIC but found nothing. Informal discussions, or there was a text somewhere?

@bortzmeyer someone mentioned it on twitter (I dont believe very seriously) and some...shall we say "thought leaders" thought it was an excellent idea that should've happened yesterday.

new for the sake of new, yaknow

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