@bortzmeyer The good news would also be if all the ISOC board changes, as they are the origin of the problem. Or ICANN should just decide in a followup to redelegate ORG to another entity since ISOC clearly proved here they are absolutely not managing the resource in the best interest of the Internet community.

@pmevzek @bortzmeyer @thor Did you hear news about a legal recourse on this ICANN act ?

@whilelm @bortzmeyer @thor No, and I do not expect anything else to happen, except maybe Ethos suing ICANN but they may find smarter ways. ICANN and ISOC clearly said there is no reason now to delegate the TLD to anyone else. In my view, ISOC members should make sure to fire (at least) its current board, as they do not seem to realize themselves the treason they did...

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