Exposé « GDPR and its application to cookie banners » En haut du premier slide « The presentation contains cookies that will be stored in your memory to give you the best user experience. By attending this presentation, you agree to the placement of these cookies. »


La liste des exceptions légales à l'obligation de consentement à la pose de cookies (le bandeau cookies) est très longue. Les sites Web qui affichent le bandeau cookies sont tous vraiment des salauds, question intrusion dans la vie privée, il faut vraiment avoir des pratiques très intrusives pour devoir mettre ce bandeau.

« N'essayez pas de trouver des règles sur les bandeaux cookies dans le . Il est bien plus général et abstrait que cela. Voyez avec des juristes. »

Vous ne serez pas surpris d'apprendre qu'Amazon met un cookie publicitaire (de Doubleclick) *avant* d'afficher le bandeau cookies. J'emprunte la pelle de @kinux pour aller leur expliquer que c'est mal.


Understatement of the day "most of cookie banners are violating " (not to mention simple honesty and common sense).

@bortzmeyer Unfortunately nothing seems to happen. Or where are all those lawsuits that make companies pay 4% of their global turnover?

It's also funny from a technical perspective as they store cookies with your preference, even if the preference says: no cookies. (ignoring the fact that cookies are often set before showing the banner...)

@sh Yes, it's ironic, but the GDPR is not a general ban on cookies. Quite the contrary, the list of allowed usages is long.

@bortzmeyer You're right. GDPR wassn't about cookies. It's still sad to see no change, except more banners and hidden opt-out check-boxes.

@bortzmeyer When GDPR was being drafted, all those companies claimed they're gonna need cookies for oh-so-many purposes that are not about violating the user's privacy.

Most of those purposes are still allowed, yet all these companies now still need you to consent to the one purpose the GDPR did not allow you to do without permission. Almost like all those other purposes were just excuses.

@bortzmeyer So basically the ones that are "If you are on this page you consent to cookies" are in violation. Cuz I seriously hate those things...

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