Giovanni Moura on stage about his draft of recommendations for authoritative servers operators, specially about resiliency and resistance to attacks.

More anycast, pay more attention to routing to them...

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Chair, during some tense exchange: "I think you are actually in violent agreement"

Participant: "No, we are not"

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Long discussion about the proposed ANAME record (a long issue, related to "CNAME at apex"): having a standard way to say: IN CNAME
Biggest problem is of course turning authoritative name servers into resolvers.

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Now, last meeting of , DPRIVE ( privacy). Among other drafts, an update to RFC 7626, and recommendations for DNS privacy operators.

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Don't miss the nice dashboard monitoring the current state and options of various public resolvers

is now over, one last beer and we get back home. By, bye, Prague, see you in Montréal in july and, in the mean time, let's write drafts, comment on drafts, paint bikesheds, and save the Internet!

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