Good morning, Prague! Fourth day of

For me, today, the "key rollover" session (should we change the key of the root zone every year, to make it an unnoticeable event?) and HRPC (Human Rights and Protocol Considerations)


"KSK futures" meeting. Should we change (rollover) the key of the root every day? Every year? From time to time when we fancy it, as it was done before?

You may read the ICANN report on the previous change :

"If you are not familiar with the subject, you may find the meeting confusing." Like all meetings, no?

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Bold proposal: no more announcements of key changes. Because if we don't announce them, software vendors will do a better job at automating everything.

(I suggest to do the same for leap seconds...)

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Heard at : "We still don't know how many kittens died [because of the key change]."

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Now, HRPC at : "Human Rights and Protocol Considerations". It seems a technical glitch prevents us from starting. (I see technical people frantically trying several things.)

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In this HRPC group, at least, we should have people on the fediverse, but it does not seem so.

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"gender non-conforming people" We hear things unusual at IETF. (And almost no acronyms, it does not feel like an IETF meeting.)

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@bortzmeyer My theories :
- Bug in one or more major resolver software (most obvious theory)
- Misinterpretation of some obscure RFC (this one would be nice :))
- Plot by Illumatis and Reptilians to steal the thirteen keys of the hidden Masters of the Internet

@Shaft But we tested all major resolver software and never found this behaviour. It appears only in the wild.

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