Good morning, Prague! Today is third day of

For me, today, meeting of DIN ( Decentralized Internet Infrastructure) and "side meeting" about issues raised about DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS, that the ISPs don't like because it prevents censorship and lying resolvers)

Soon, the DIN (decentralized Internet) meeting at starts. You know, the people who wants to enable terrorism through illegal sharing of cultural works.

Multicasting messages in a decentralized way. bootstraps peers with Is it the only possibility in the code?

"Tolerating malicious gossip" I like the titles of the slides when the speaker talks about decentralized protocols.

"What if bad nodes falsely accuse good nodes?" Decentralization is hard...

has a difference between identifiers (public keys, hard to remember) and names (easy to remember but not global, not unique).

If Alice knows Bob, Alice can reach Bob's Web site as www.bob.alice.

I'm learning that urn:uuid:b740afbd-2240-4625-a092-9f0d959e0664 is a DID (Decentralized IDentifier). That's me!

Presentation of Next Generation Internet. A lot of money. Researchers, don't hesitate to ask, 20 M€ wait for you.

"Internet for Humans" "Reduced carbon footprint" Seems promising.

Meeting of SeLoReLo (Security Lock / Registry Lock) informal group at . If you want to know why we need domain name registry locks, see (warning, the title is misleading)


"We fully [grin] trust our registrars, so we don't have a registry lock."

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