Good morning, Prague! First "real" day of , after the hackathon this week-end.

For me, today, meeting of free software implementors (I'm just a spectator here) and meeting about "public interest" technologists

On 23 and 24 march 2019 took place the now traditional of the . I worked on a mechanism to report more detailed errors for requests.

At , about locking domain names for security (remember the Middle-East attacks last year): "I know I'm probably being snobbish or dismissive, but I can't think of a reasonable case where a domain name is important enough to a registrant to server lock, but not important enough to deploy ."

: Meeting of the Registration Working Group (where the domain name industry makes money, thank you, ). A lot of stuff to check:

Discussion on the "reverse search" proposal (find all the domains registered by a given registrant). The author seems not to understand the privacy risks, for instance the huge potential for harassment.

Now, Public Interest Tech Group at . Using technology for good. (Yes, it's not obvious.)

"At the , people talk of the by saying, 'you know, the privacy warriors' ."

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