Good morning, Prague! Second day of the hackathon. Our implementation of " extended errors" in the resolver works (mostly), today, we review, document, add support...

itself will start tomorrow

And now, hackathon code ready for merging. That's what I like in hackathons, directly from the experimental code to production :-)

Presentations of the results of the hackathon. First, the "quantum networks" group. They have results and they have not.

Quantum network will connect Amsterdam and other dutch cities in 2020. At the hackathon, they worked on defining a "quantum ping".

(There is also "blockchain" on the slide.)

Presentation of "ultra-low latency routing". Routing under one µs... (But it requires dedicated hardware.)

New MTU discovery option "We implemented it on four different types of routers during the hackathon. It worked. We saved the Internet."

Now, the DTN group (Internet for spaceships). "We will do real testing in 2020."

Draft on "IP neighbour discovery" in space. I thought that "In Space No One Can Hear You Scream"?

team at : extended error codes, cookies (everyone loves cookies), DNS over QUIC, XoT (zone transfers over TLS)...

, a tool for performance measurements, using the infamous "spin bit" ("the most expensive bit in the history of "). Many improvments. Demo tomorrow.

Funny consequence of adding "open" in front of many free software projects (because the marketing department prefers "open source", since freedom is scary): a software called Open Enclave

Now @NerdResa on stage presenting TAPS (transport services). Worked done on PyTAPS (TAPS API in Python)

RIFT team (working on a routing protocol, so using a lot of complicated schemas): "we did a lot of SVG".

Now remote report from the people in . Sound is awful, Terminator-like. They added TLS 1.3 in nmap, Kubernetes, Nagios, wget...

@bortzmeyer is this in reference to draft-ietf-tsvwg-datagram-plpmtud ?

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