"Biology and APIs" at . We start four billion years ago. "Cells start to make multicells, sort of corporations. "

On the slides, the address of the speaker: a Facebook page (nothing else).

Steve Wozniak designed a test for real Artificial Intelligence: the robot has to enter an average home and figure out how to make coffee.

"I'm not talking about cat pictures, I'm talking about real Web content."

Going to toot about a talk on green IT and energy saving... with a battery at 10 %.

Jean-Marc Jancovici "there is no such thing as a climate-neutral IT company".

Lot of great catch phrases in Jancovici's talk "There is zero connection between what happens in the world and the things in newspapers [about renewable energy]"

"The energy equivalent of machines in human slaves is around 600 slaves per person in Europe (200 worldwide)"

"Of course, we can live only on renewable resources. We did it during most of history. But would we like it?"

"Suppressing computers would help fighting climate change. First, the plane traffic would not be manageable without computers. No planes means less CO2."

It's not only the price which increases with every iPhone model. "The amount of CO2 to manufacture an IPhone keeps increasing."


"To watch porn on a screen that size [showing a smartphone size], we don't need high resolution. To fight climate change, we must stop some projects like 5G."

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