This is how you build a wifi network :flan_thumbs: #RIPE84
This is of course quite standard for a ripe meeting, but maybe we have newcomers here :goose_peek:

Why does the ukrainian Internet mostly continue to work? First, people ("dedication, courage, perseverance").

Second, the decentralisation: little market concentration (one of the smallest HHI in the world ), many links.

55 % of the ISP serve each less than 1 % of the market!

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Small decrease in the number of connected RIPE Atlas probes in Ukraine, though.

And of course it is much worse in Mariupol. "At a certain point, the Internet breaks."

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Emile Aben on stage, about Internet in Ukraine. It was a surprise for everyone, but it still works.

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The CTO of DE-CIX is not on the slow Web side "latency is the new currency".

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She calls for diversity: be nice to other people even if they have mask and not you, or the opposite.

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Mirjam Kühne starts the meeting, the first physical one she does as a RIPE chair.
388 persons already on-site (685 registered). 62 countries. (How many Russians?)

The guy next to me at uses Emacs as an IRC client and his window manager has Windows 3.11 look-and-feel.

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