\o/ Je viens enfin de récupérer un prefix IPv6 d'orange sur mon .
Je vais enfin pouvoir supprimer ma livebox.

And a third talk about measurements (who said "science is measuremements"?), this time about the bias in Internet measurements (we have more vantage poins in Berlin than in Gaborone).

(No, I've never been to Gaborone.)

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Remco van Mook: to measure something statistically signifiant on the Internet, you need hundreds of millions of vantage points.

Application to the test of an anycast network: "suddenly, half of Russia, and the Caribbean send all their traffic to your node in Australia"

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Sander Steffann (6connect) now explains how his hosting went anycast.

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My favourite part of #RIPE84 meetings, seeing the slides presented at a public forum are marked as "Confidential".

Oh, sorry. Only the introduction slide was confidential.

with and OK @florian

Les consultantes et consultants, expertes et experts web et autres "pro" du web qui publient exclusivement sur me(r)dium et non sur leur propre blog (ah oui, non, c’est trop compliqué à mettre en place), qui sont ils/elles ? Quels sont leurs réseaux (autre que Facebook, Instagram, Medium et Twitter) ?

looking forward to the EU mandating CCTV in all homes to protect the children

Previously established personal links are important, to get *quick* help in case of emergency.

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The European Commission is on the fediverse and many people rejoiced for that move.
Now, they use the fediverse for gross propaganda, anti-encryption and anti-privacy. social.network.europa.eu/@EU_C

Dmytry Kohmanyuk, from the .UA registry, about how to operate under attacks.

"First reaction [on 2022-02-24] was denial and panic"

Next was to use Signal to contact everyone.

From the room: don't spend time with this issue. Just deploy , period. (Applauses.)

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Je suis en train de tester le logiciel de #sauvegarde #Pika (apps.gnome.org/fr/app/org.gnom). Jusque-là, j'utilisais #LuckyBackUp (luckybackup.sourceforge.net/). Mais, je dois dire qu'il y a très souvent des messages d'erreurs et j'ai l'impression qu'il n'arrive pas à tout sauvegarder. Je verrai d'ici à 2 heures les résultats de Pika.

Je me demandais aussi quels autres conseils vous auriez en matière de sauvegarde et d'archivage de données, à partir d'un ordinateur qui tourne sous Ubuntu 22.04.

A bit of security at with the current state of fragmentation risks.

Yahoo still has no TCP on some authoritative name servers.


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Proposal to add data to IP addresses databases (such as the RIPE one) about carbon footprint of the IP prefix.

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We are hiring two Software Engineers for our Applications Team! You'll work on Tor Browser and future applications and help millions of people circumvent censorship and protect their privacy. All details here: torproject.org/about/jobs/soft

For a "fossil-free Internet", put your infrastuctures in France, the greenest country on the map (with Norway and Sweden).

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For an Internet without fossils. No dinos allowed or is it about fossil energy?

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