Imagine going to a bookstore, buying a book, and then trying to read it at a coffee shop or at a park or at home and a corporation smacks the book out of your hand says "no you bought it in our store, you only read it in our store".


"I wan t a traceroute, to find out the forwarders my request get through."

La majorité préfère le CETA au climat

Ce mardi 23 juillet, à 16h10 les députés ont voté en faveur de la ratification du CETA par 266 voix pour et 213 contre. Mis à mal dans le débat public, poussés dans leurs retranchements, interpellés comme jamais - plus de 370 000 messages ont été envoyés aux députés par les internautes - l'exécutif et la majorité ont multiplié les approximations, omissions et contre-vérités pour obtenir une ratification expresse du CETA, pendant l'été. Alors que la mobilisation va se poursuivre à la rentrée, notamment en lien avec le mouvement des jeunes pour le climat, il est à noter que la majorité a montré des signes de faiblesse, avec de nombreuses défections dans ses rangs (52 abstentions et 9 votes contre) malgré la pression mise par l'exécutif.




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Mama bear ran `sudo grep "Accepted" /var/log/auth.log` and said "Someone's been logging into my server too..."

Papa bear ran 'last -da -20' and said "Look! Someone's been logging into my server"....

(Now your turn)

Why libraries are the greatest places on earth:

- books
- free!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- quiet, so quiet, so peaceful is heaven
- people leave you alone
- also movies and computers and things
- staff literally know everything and want you to know everything thanks
- you can stay the whole time they're open and not have to pay anything at all
- you can get lost in the big ones and that's cool
- mmm smells of wisdom

As usual, the animal most often mentioned in the meetings at is the 🐫

(Reference to the last straw, that broke the camel's back; the DNS is quite complicated now, and we make it more complicated each year.)

HTTP-SVC : publish in the a lot of stuff that may help the HTTP client to connect (such as keys to encrypt the SNI). 7200 IN HTTPSVC "esnikeys=..."

(RFC 7838)

"Wait, wait. You are saying the world is wonderful for engineers?"


#IETF105 #dnsop

Now, the DNSOP meeting (everything ). Still a lot of discussion about ANAME (to allows people to put an alias to a CDN at the apex of their zone, a very frequent requirment).

Since it is only for HTTP, why not drop it for HTTP-SVC which solves a similar problem? (Evan Hunt just proposed that, "to save the camel".)

Sur Twitter, le match de TT (Trending Topic) continue entre Greta Thunberg et Boris Johnson.

Government propaganda about growing your own gardens:

Maybe some less wartime-y modern propaganda (besides that the US is in a perpetual state of war these days, anyways) would be a good way to encourage the citizenry into reducing their ecological footprint.

Another question would be how to make sure the specs for the embedded CPU is public so people can make fixed firmwares even when the vendors stops supporting the hardware. #IETF105 cc @bortzmeyer

Now, let's program the NICs: FPGA/NPU (using languages like P4, eBPF, NPL) or general purpose processor (a CPU + OS on the NIC, can allow even the control plane to be offloaded, this would be a big change).

Another function that can be offloaded to the NIC: encryption/decryption. For instance, TLS can give to the NIC unencrypted packets and let it do the computation required by symmetric crypto (AES; I don't know if there are cards that can do ChaCha20).

Warning: it means the NIC sees the data in clear. You have to trust the NIC!

Side question when listening to the talk about Network Interface Cards: why do network people speak of ingress/egress and not input/output?

Now, "data plane in hardware". Doing a lot of processing in the NIC, not the host computer ("offloaded data plane").

(General warning: it can be at odds with software freedom and user control, the code running in the NIC may not be free software.)

Practical example: match actions (if src_address == something) then drop) This way, the firewall can be entirely in the NIC.

The control plane always stays on the host computer.

More fun with NICs: they can have several queues. Good for parallelism, but the OS needs to assign sent packets to queues (typically preserving flows, to avoid reordering).

Even segmentation in packets can be offloaded to the NIC. The software stack in the OS prefers to deal with large packets, the NIC segments them. Works also at reception: coalescence of packets (but it is harder to do it in a protocol-agnostic way) .

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