Chez les députés français, en suffrages exprimés, la copyrightdirective a fait un score à la Ceaucescu.

2 votes contre, 60 votes pour.


La maison est bien tenue.

Chapeau, on ne peut que s'incliner.

Toi aussi, installe la page Web chargée de noyer l'agresseur publicitaire sous les demandes de retrait : Mon installation à moi :

1980, un film (ou du moins son titre) nous explique la puissante pensée macronienne 🤔

J'attends avec impatience le prochain politique, qui va nous dire, des trémolos dans les voix, qu'il ne comprend pas pourquoi, en France, on n'a pas de PME dans le secteur du numérique, qui décolle à l'international :>

Duane Wessels (@PacketPusher on Twitter ) presenting about why operators need to support #DNS over TCP (not just UDP) at #DNSOP at #IETF104 -

Are there still sysadmins dummy enough to block TCP port 53?

I'm told they renamed #Article13 to #Article17... I get a strong feeling that's a move specifically to shake off the papertrail of protests around it on social media.

"Truncation generally leads to TCP." And fear leads to hate and hate to the dark side?

🇪🇺 Le Parlement européen adopte la directive sur le droit d’auteur à l’heure du numérique -

> Le Parlement européen a adopté à une large majorité la proposition de directive sur le droit d’auteur. Par 348 voix pour et 274 contre. Premières réactions.

#Droit #UnionEuropéenne #UE #article13

After being independent for 10 years, I don't think I really know how to be "just an employee."

I'm totally considering what sort of innovation and improvements I can make at ISNIC, once I've been there long enough to know the ropes.

Digital identity and autonomy are things I care about, things where a registrar/registry can help. So I'm pondering that, and that's quite on topic for the Fediverse.

Do you have any ideas of how you wish Internet domains were different/better?

You want to operate a local root, RFC7706-style? This service will distribute a copy for you:

@europarl actually didn't even vote for or against #article13.

It decided (by 3 votes!) to NOT vote on it, thus adopting directive as a whole including #art13.

A gesture of political cowardice, a voting artifice, a bloody farce!

Fuck that #EU and its false promises of democracy!

348 people in the EU parliament think the internet was largely a mistake.
:flan_think: they might be on to something! :flan_piteous:

A good reminder that the ISPs already made an anti-encryption RFC, RFC 8404. Why do they need one more?

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