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La nouvelle instance de ,, requiert une sur, la existante de Vivaldi.
Cela pourrait poser des soucis à des (pour et principalement) dédiées à l'accès au (ou juste à Mastodon).

Utilisez-vous de telles applications et, le cas échéant, comment s'est passé votre création du compte Mastodon sur ?


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: ça fait 25 ans que je surfe sur le Web avec un navigateur fabriqué par et ses équipes ❗️

J'avais découvert 2.12 sur ce CD-ROM de magazine (Netsurf) 👇 et on m'a offert l'accès à une version alpha non publique de ... un peu plus tard 😉

🎂 🙏

When a browser uses your browsing history to build a profile on you or select ads, a trust is broken. This applies whether the technology is called Floc, Topic or something else.

The waterfall outside the @Vivaldi office. For me it matters to have a nice location. Big windows. A lot of light.

#oslo #Norway

Do you like Vivaldi? :tony_happy:
Do you want to help us continue to grow and improve, spreading the word about our browser? Then our ambassadors program is for you!

If you are interested, send us an email at

Further news as we continue our efforts on @Vivaldi in cars. Thrilled to announce our collaboration with P3! Vivaldi is now integrated into SPARQ OS.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

Lend us an ear, as we celebrate the day by putting a spotlight on the brilliant women in our Android team. Maria, Karianne and Nagamani tell how their passion is helping them learn and thrive, and what inspires them.

Become a pro at #TabManagement! 🤩

@ruario guides us through all the tab management options in the Vivaldi Browser. Showing us everything from various tips and strategies to tab features that help you organize your tabs and boost #Productivity.

Have you used #VivaldiMail on #Desktop?

Answer the #poll and tell us more in the comments.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

What's been your highlight this week?

During my time at Opera we had a lot of firsts or where we led. I am humbled by having the opportunity to work with a lot of talented people that made that possible.

Now we are doing the same with Vivaldi and we are breaking new ground. Vivaldi in your car is unique and new. Just like on mobile in the past, there is plenty of people questioning the use of a browser in your car. Watch this space. Things are changing.

@JMenoux Suis donc ce compte aussi, je vais passer celui de framapiaf en compte de secours bientôt 🙂

Download a faster Vivaldi on #android. 🏎️

It’s way too easy to rack up a series of open tabs. 1 minute you’re browsing. Next, you find yourself 100+ tabs deep.

Thanks to the under-the-hood improvements, starting Vivaldi up is way faster!

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I guess you can now safely say that we at @Vivaldi are trying to make the best Internet experience on any device. This is our current platform list:

- #Windows
- #Mac
- #Linux
- @Raspberry_Pi
- #Android
- Android Automotive
- Soon #iOS

I hope you like our efforts!

Share a bit of yourself! The Vivaldi #Community sites over on offer a free blog hosting service.

You're also able to follow blogs on Mastodon, using the instance search bar and the link to a blog post.

Learn how to make a blog with Vivaldi here ⬇️

Cuir - Étui pour couteau de poche
Pour le fils d'une voisine, étui pour couteau de poche
Cuir 2 mm, teinture Medium Brown
Finition de tranches Tokonole et de surface au Resolene (le jeune chasse à l'arc et veut l'emporter sur lui)
Passant horizontal, fil polyester crème 0,8 mm

Iceland is a rather special place. It is just so easy to take photos there.

Holy crap. I swear that I discover a new feature in @Vivaldi every day! It's crazy how much incredible stuff is packed in there...

#Vivaldi #VivaldiBrowser #browser

@Vivaldi 5.7 is out. A lot of focus on details in this build. We made the window panel a windows panel, as all windows can now be controlled from one place.

Does your browser have a windows panel? Page capture? Tab stacks? Tab tiling? Mouse gestures? Page actions? Web panels? Quick commands?

Just asking. 😀

#Linux #browser #Windows #mac

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